Thursday 30 March 2023

Tractors on a Festive Test Train, Aberdour, 22nd December 2022

A pair of Tractors sent to Scotland for a rarer daytime test train.

37099 + 37175 T+T 1Q26 13:45 Edinburgh - Carnoustie - Perth - Aberdeen - Edinburgh.

Test train coaches were 6001 + 977997 + 72639 + 9481.

37099 MERL EVANS 1947-2016, was new from English Electric Vulcan Foundry as D6799 on 14th December 1962, so is now 60 years old.

A closer view of 37099, with the train running slowly on a yellow.

First coach 6001 had just received attention at Cardiff, and sported a fresh coat of yellow, and very clean bogies. In the later years of the last decade, this coach was in DRS ownership, and worked here on the Fife Circle in 2015 and 2019.

37175 on the rear, new from English Electric Vulcan Foundry as D6875 on 20th September 1963.