Saturday 28 November 2020

Redbridge, including a Pig Drag, 27th November 2020

66525 crawls through the west end of Maritime, for a rolling departure as 4M65 13:46 to Lawley Street.

66570 had earlier arived with 4O14 04:59 Garston - Maritime, and shunted this west.

701006 running on test as 5Q51 11:25 Staines Up Loop - Staines Up Loop, which makes a stop at Redbridge for an ASDO excercise.

47813 Jack Frost + 442414 + 57312 ran as 5Q86 09:28 Wolverton - Bournemouth. 442414 was moved from Bournemouth to Wolverton on 5th June..

A closer view of the locomotive.


57312 on the rear of the formation.