Saturday 10 October 2020

Tugtastic! - 60029 workings, 8th - 9th October 2020

60029 Ben Nevis makes its DCR debut in the South. Originally placed into traffic from Brush Loughborough on 26th November 1990. Stored for the final time in early December 2008 and moved to Crewe for secure storage on 2nd February 2009. Offered for sale September 2013, not taken up. Offered for sale November 2018, sold to Cappagh / DCR in February 2019, although for a while 60038 was anticipated to replace it. Tested from early August 2020, but only entered traffic for DCR on 1st October.

For 7th - 9th October, used spoil from Westbury:

  • 6Z90 07:09 Up Yard - Westbury
  • 6Z91 16:28 Westbury - Up Yard

In early light, the empties pass Dunbridge on the 8th. Note the temporary Colas radio transmitter in the former goods yard.

Later on the 8th, loaded 6Z91 is seen passing Test Lane. Image by Ian Knight.

On 9th, 6Z91 is approaching Romsey.

Closer to and passing the camera.
The last wagon was JNA 81.70.5500.683-4, built in late 2019, and leased from VTG.