Saturday 3 November 2018

Science & Industry Museum, Manchester, 16th October

The Science & Industry Museum, formerly MOSI (Museum of Science of Industry), at the Liverpool Road Station. I had visited the location once before, for The Great Railway Exposition in 1980.

Rocket of 1829, on tour, having already visited Newcastle, eventually headed for York.

Novelty replica of 1929, incorporating wheels and one cylinder of the original from 1829. The 1980 replica is now at the Swedish Railway Museum, Gävle,

Planet replica of 1992.

EM2 (Class 77) NS 1505 (27001) ARIADNE built by BR at Gorton Works, new to traffic in March 1954.

Cab of EM1 76039 HECTOR (26048, 76048 ) built at Gorton Works, entering traffic in October 1952. Seen here in BR traffic at Penistone.

This locomotive latterly ran in an air brake only configuration.

Yes, I do know that Manchester was historically in Lancashire.