Wednesday 22 August 2018

Livery peculiarities: 313201, 8th August 2018

313204 (April 1976) alongside 313201 at Havant, 8th August.

313201 was orginally the first in class 313001, introduced as a 25KV + 750V dc unit for GN Suburban and Moorgate services in February 1976. Renumbered to 313101 in November 2000, for use on Euston - Watford and North London lines, modified with additional 3rd rail shoes, and then 313201 in 2010 when converted for 750V dc only for Southern Railway.

The oldest emu currently in service, at 42 years old, longevity assisted by aluminium construction. ( (Some LMS/BR Class 503 ran for 47 years.)  The repaint was made at completion of C6 overhaul at Wolverton in December 2017. 

Departing on its way to Portsmouth - these local services seem subject to cancellations in the current RMT vs. GoVia Southern dispute.