Monday 20 August 2018

Eastleigh Works, 16th August 2018

D1944 (47501) CRAFTSMAN continues its sojourn outside the works. 

73213 Rhodalyn had arrived at the works earlier in the day, from Tonbridge. Recently in warm store, it was on a test run in Kent on 13th.

Recently repainted barrier coach 68504, with 68501 adjacent to it. In the foreground is finished VTG 4027, a remodelled JSA which appears ready for traffic.

370024 is a redundant HHA coal hopper of Freightliner, built by Greenbrier Wagony Swidnica about 2001. Some of these wagons have already been scrapped, with parts recovered for MWA box wagons, and these will be similarly, arriving at Eastleigh in groups of 10.