Sunday 27 May 2018

GWR DMU updates to late May 2018

158798 has recently returned to traffic from overhaul, and is now in GWR green, seen at St Denys. 19th May. This was formerly charity liveried.

166215 has been added to those with the ride height modification, seen here passing Millbrook on 22nd with 2M97 08:23 Southampton - Great Malvern. Clearance testing was performed by 166204 from Southampton - Eastleigh - Romsey > Eastleigh - St Denys - Fareham - Southampton on the night of Saturday 5th May. A paperwork issue prevented Eastleigh - Botley - Fareham testing.

Later, on 24th May, 166212 was checking clearances at Fratton depot: one two.

150926 was poorly by early April, and by early May "150209" was formed for transfer purposes, with the two cars which had been added to create 925 and 926. Moved to Newton Heath on the 20th May. 150125 is in Doncaster Works, and 150126 has been seen in the West Country.

150001 and 150002 seem to be spending time parked up as they are unloved, being reworked prototypes. They do see some work.