Saturday 9 December 2017

Shanghai Railway Museum , 25th November 2017

A modest museum, with two real steam locomotives, mainly otherwise focused upon a collection of artefacts. The location of the museum is the former Shanghai North Railway Station.

KD7-641 (Lima, Ohio, USA, February 1947) 2-8-0. This pattern of 2-8-0 was produced in the post-war period, after the S160 series of World War 2 (Class KD6 in China). As Class KD7 160 examples were delivered to China, these being similar to 300 delivered to Belgium as Class 29.

Model of a JS 2-8-2, which were produced between 1951 - 1965 and 1981 - 1988. In another era, I have ridden behind a JS, a tale for another time.

SN-26 a 600mm gauge 0-10-0 made in 1920 in the USA.

A representation of Pioneer, the first locomotive to work in China, on the Woosung Railway, which lies within modern Shanghai. The original locomotive was constructed by Ransomes and Rapier for the line's opening in 1876. The railway ran for less than a year before it was purchased and dismantled by the Qing viceroy Shen Pao-chen.