Friday 20 October 2017

Watercress Line Diesel Gala, 20th October 2017

55002 (D9002) had what I understand was an AWS related fault. The part was in delivery but went to Alresford, Essex by mistake, 55002 managed to play a part in the gala by borrowing the equivalent from D6700 later in the day. All is now reported sorted on both locomotives for Saturday 21st.

A larger set appears on OneDrive.

 2H 1125 at Ropley.

 03197 at Alton with a Queen Mary brakevan shuttle. From late 1960s to mid 70s this was a SR loco, and was fitted with raised brake pipes for emu compatibility.

 33053 at Ropley.

 50027 Lion at Alton.

 Repaired D9002 (55002) King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry preparing to join a train at Ropley.

D6700 (37119, 37350) at Medstead.