Sunday 8 October 2017

Deltics on the Bluebell Railway, 7th October 2017

The Deltic Preservation Society 40th Anniversary event at the Bluebell Railway - all Deltic operations for 3 days. It is strange to realise that the Deltics were just over 20 years in daily service, and now more than 35 years in preservation - which can be challenging, as 55022's current repair illustrates, as does a pending engine repair for 55002.

55009 is due to run to Swanage on 21st October.

A full set including steam locomotives and 32424 the Brighton Atlantic is posted on OneDrive.

Further coverage from other photographers.

At the start of the day D9009 (55009) Alycidon is moving the empty stock from the carriage sidings at Sheffield Park

55019 Royal Highland Fusilier arriving at East Grinstead.

D9002 (55002) King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry departs from Horsted Keynes in autumn colours.

D9009 approaching Horsted Keynes from Kingscote. There is almost an ECML feel to this picture.

DPS Deltics 55019 and D9009 meeting at Horsted Keynes.

55019 arriving at Kingscote from East Grinstead.

D9002 awaits the off at Sheffield Park at 16:05.