Saturday 18 June 2016

37175 departs from Eastleigh with a test train, 18th June 2016

37175 with ultrasonic test train 3Z18 10:51 Eastleigh - Hither Green, which departed 50 mins early. The previous time I wanted to catch this, on 21st November last, it left early and I was left standing in Lidl, just watching it go by. I was rather better prepared this time.

At the works in preparation for departure. 37175 was new as D6875 from English Electric Vulcan Foundry EE/VF3353/D839 1963 on 20th September 1963, allocated to Cardiff Canton. Withdrawn in June 1999 it spent time with the EWS Heritage Fleet, before being sold for preservation in 2006, and reaching Bo'ness in September 2007. Sold to Colas in January 2014.

6260 is Generator Van converted from a BG (formerly 81450 then 92116, Lot 30400, Pressed Steel August 1958). The departmental conversion was made in March 2003.

Leaving the works and heading into platform 3 at the station.

62384 was a 4-CIG MBSO which ran from July 1971 to April 2005, in unit 7396 later 1296, then 4-BIG 2258 and 4-CIG 1393 (with 4-CEP TSO). This was preserved at the Great Central Railway, then sold in September 2011 to be converted to Ultrasonic Test Train Coach, released into traffic in May 2012.

9703 was originally Mk2F BSO 9517 completed at Derby to Lot 30861 in June 1974. Converted to DBSO for Edinburgh - Glasgow services in June 1979, and taken into departmental use in February 2007 as a DTC.

Heading out past Lidl in the Up direction,