Sunday 1 May 2016

50026 " Start Me Up! ", Eastleigh Works, 30th April 2016

50026 Indominatable was brought out of Eastleigh Works, just before 18:00 on Saturday, for a session of several start ups.

It's maybe worth noting that the marker lights are on.
New as D426, to traffic on 22nd June 1968, a week after D427, Initially allocated to D05 (Stoke Division), more formally to CD (Crewe Diesel) from May 1973. Transferred to the Western Region in May 1974, allocated to LA (Plymouth Laira), and then OC (Old Oak Common) from April 1983. Refurbished at Doncaster between July and December 1982, it was repainted into a NSE scheme following an F exam at Laira in October 1986.

It worked its last train in November 1990, then was withdrawn from LA in December 1990. Sold and delivered to Booth, Rotherham for scrap in early 1992, but was rescued, entering a long story of preservation and restoration. It was to work 'Polar Express' specials on the Dartmoor Railway in late 2014, but failed, and was returned to Eastleigh Works, where it has been since. The locomotive is soon due to be a star at the Weybourne Traction Group / North Norfolk Railway Diesel Gala on 9th - 12th June.