Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Welshman, 20th June 2015

Empty stock from Corfe Castle, then 1Z82 06:35 Poole - Cardiff

34067 Tangmere dashing through Redbridge, right on time.
Detail at Redbridge.
99723 (35459) Mk1 BSK built at Wolverton in 1963, to Lot 30721, new with vacuum brake and dual heat, riding on Commonwealth bogies. Withdrawn from service in December 1988, but reinstated inMay 1989, then withdrawn in June 1990. To Train Tours in June 1990, then to West Coast Railway Co from 1995, who have converted it to dual brake. Apparently there is a bar in the brake compartment.
57315 was originally 47234. The train was of 11 coaches (including support coach), the new limit being set by the ORR for steam trains.
The power is on through Romsey, as the locomotive is on the "main line" from Eastleigh to Salisbury.
99371 VICTORIA (3128) built at Swindon as an FO to Lot 30697 in 1963. Later running as an RSO (Restaurant Second Open) 1058 (air braked and dual heated) and then SO 3600 until withdrawn in September 1987. Preserved by Grampian Railtours, then via Green Express Railtours and to West Coast Railway Co,
57315 on the rear with Romsey Station (parts from 1847) in the background.