Friday, 24 October 2014

Stourbridge Junction and Town, 21st October 2014

The Colas 37s were out on the daytime 3S02 RHTT duty, covering for MPVs. Sharpo has a video posted of this movement, standing alongside me (and my shadow) at Stourbridge Jct. For 37175 it's a long way from leaving Bo'ness.

37219 on the rear. This sat at the Campbell Road side of Eastleigh Depot for some years, in faded Mainline Blue.
66172 with 6M81 04:46 Margam - Round Oak.
66018 with 6V05 10:16 Round Oak - Margam. A further video from Sharpo.
Stourbridge Jc Middle Signalbox, a Great Western 7b box of 1901. The box was taken out of use in August 2012 but the structure is retained as a mess facility.
172333 with 2V20 10:46 Dorridge - Worcester Foregate St
Parry People Mover PPM 60 139002 comes off the branch from Stourbridge Town.
139002 at Stourbridge Town.

More pictures on OneDrive.