Wednesday, 29 October 2014

From Worcester Foregate Street to Hereford, 20th - 22nd October 2014

173332 passes Tunnel Junction's outer home TJ20, and Henwick's up starter HK5 with Shrub Hill's fixed distant. 
180102 departs from Foregate Street with signal off for Shrub Hill.
 Henwick, on the outskirts of Worcester is where the lines for Tunnel Junction and Shrub Hill split, running as two parallel bi-directional lines through Foregate Street station. This is a McKenzie & Holland type 1 box from about 1875.
Malvern Wells is a GWR type 7d box built in 1919.
Ledbury is a McKenzie and Holland type 3 box from 1885.
 170632 has run south from platform 1 and will return to platform 3 at Hereford. Proposals exist to allow trains of up to 5 coaches depart from the arrival platform, eliminating these moves.
Hereford (formerly Ayleston Hill), a LNWR / GWR Joint type 2 box. This contains a frame and controls for colour lights over a wider area.

60001 was also seen while at Hereford, on a 6M86 09:23 Margam to Dee Marsh operation.

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