Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Solent and Sarum, 13th September 2014

34046 Braunton leads the train into Salisbury about 3 minutes early after some spirited running between Andover and Grateley.
34046 was built at Brighton. and went into traffic on 14th November 1946, rebuilt in its current form in February 1959 at Eastleigh, and reallocated the following month to 71B Bournemouth, Withdrawn from there on 10th October 1965, after which it went to Barry scrapyard.
A side profile of Braunton, which returned to main line use in 2013.
Into the west bay at Salisbury for watering and maintenance.
Back through the station to return to the train, which was in the East Carriage Sidings.
The return route was via Havant and Petersfield. Here seen approaching Romsey against a red signal.
Still waiting at that red signal, caused by 158880 which was running late in the Eastleigh - Romsey - Eastleigh single line section working, following an earlier 20 minute delay by a First Great Western working.

Full set of pictures on OneDrive.

Formation was 34046 + 35465 (support coach) + 5341 + 1832 + 21269 + 3068 + 3069 + 3123 + 1651 + 3066 + 3097 - operating on air brake