Sunday, 28 April 2013

Watercress Line Diesel Gala, 27th April 2013

The Watercress Line Diesel Gala had plenty of interesting guest locomotives.

20087, new in September 1961 to Eastfield, from Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn, Darlington. Preserved on the East Lancashire Railway. 45132 on the left.
37905 newly repainted in green by Nemesis Rail at Burton, and returned to the Mid-Hants on Thursday 25th. New 50 years ago in April 1963 fromVulcan Foundry, allocated to Cardiff. Re-engined in 1986 with a Ruston RK270T of 1800 hp.
55009 (D9009) Alycidon leaves Ropley with the 2A04 09:45 from Alresford. New in July 1961 to Finsbury Park, withdrawn on 2nd January 1982.
Doubled Headed Slugs 37901 + 37905 approaching Ropley with 2A12 12:25 from Alresford. 37901 Mirlees Pioneer was new as D6850 to Cardiff in June 1963.
47402 was the second class 47 built, delivered as D1501 in November 1962 to Finsbury Park. Running with 2A20 15:05 from Alresford, paused at Medstead.
37901 arrives at Alresford with late running 2L25 17:30 from Alton. 33109 had failed in the platform, and was being removed by 50027. 37901 was rebuilt in 1985 with a Mirless MB275T, with increased height roof-line.
A full set of pictures is located here on SkyDrive.

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