Saturday, 6 April 2013

A retrospective for 47747 reports that 47747 has been sold for scrap. Following withdrawal by EWS it had languished at Millerhill then Crewe for a number of years, at one time said to be for return to use by Riviera Trains.

Update: Removed to Booth, Rotherham, 2nd May 2013.

A history of 47747.

As 47252 at Westbury on 29th January 1983.
As Res Publica at Dalwhinnie in August 1995, some coached hired from Waterman Railways. Train may be 1H15 15:40 Edinburgh - Inverness.
Named Graham Farish at Redbridge with 1M18 14:18 Bournemouth - Manchester on 23rd February 2002 - leased by EWS to Virgin Trains. 

 Southampton Airport Parkway earlier the same day, 1O09 08:15 Manchester - Bournemouth.
 Following a refurbishment by EWS, it was renamed to Florence Nightingale as seen here as 'Thunderbird' at Edinburgh Waverley on 10th July 2003. Withdrawn in 2004, sold to Riviera in 2007 from Millerhill Yard, then DRS from 2011. DRS are now unloading their unused 47's with their planned transition to Class 68.