Sunday, 10 February 2013

Recent DRS & HNRC sales for scrap

20310 + 20307 with the Spitfire Railtours "Wey-farer" charter at Ashurst, 19th April 2008. Both locomotives are currently being stripped at Carlisle Kingmoor, and are expected to be moved shortly to Booths at Rotherham for disposal.

20307 was new as D8050 in March 1961, from Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd, Darlington, and allocated to Sheffield Darnall. Renumbered 20128 in 1973. Refurbished to 20307 by RFS Doncaster in 1997-98. Stored by DRS in December 2008.

20310 was new as D8190 in January 1967, from Vulcan Foundry, Newton le Willows, and allocated to  D16 (Nottingham division). Renumbered 20190 in 1973. Refurbished to 20310 by RFS Doncaster in 1997-98. Stored by DRS in December 2008.

37411 Caerphilly Castle / Castell Caerfilli on display at Eastleigh Works, 22nd May 2009. Sent by DRS for refurbishment at Derby, but this appears cancelled, and the locomotive will move shortly to Booth's at Rotherham.

New from Vulcan Foundry in June 1965 as D6990, and allocated to Cardiff Canton. Renumbered to 37290 in March 1974. Overhauled to a Class 37/4 at Crewe in February to October 1985, and allocated to Motherwell for usage on the West Highland lines. Transferred to Cardiff in 1989, Laira in 1990, Cardiff in 1994, St Blazey in 1994, Motherwll in 1996, Cardiff in 1996, Intermediate Overhaul at Crewe in 1997, Toton in 1998, Motherwell in 1999, Crewe in 2003, Margam in 2004, repainted in green 2005 at Toton, and named in November 2005. Stored in June 2006, with brief return to traffic in February 2007. Transferred to Toton May 2007 and returned to traffic, stored February 2008.

47829 in POLICE guise, passing Millbrook on 16th June 2002. 1O10 15:06 Reading - Bournemouth.
47829 at Redbridge, on the morning of Good Friday, 29th March 2002. 1M01 06:40 Poole - Liverpool.

47829 was new from Crewe Works in September 1965 as D1964 and allocated to 86A Cardiff Canton. Later 47264 and 47619, following ETH conversion in August 1984, renumbered to 47829 in June 1989. After Virgin Cross Country, it spent time working for Freightliner in 2003-04, but appears to have worked little after that with Riviera, ending its career with engine failure. DRS and HNRC had interests, but the locomotive was placed in storage at Long Marston. Stripping took place at Booth's and the locomotive was cut up last week.