Saturday, 16 February 2013

57312 reported withdrawn reports

"57312 binned...
After suffering a 'serious mechanical failure' last week 57312 (QADD) has been
stood down at Eastleigh Works and is surrendering parts for the repair and
return to traffic of classmates 57303 and 57310 (both QADD). Whilst 57303 has
seen use this year 57310 has been sidelined since December 2012."

It was running on 6th Feb and returned with 57301 from Tonbridge on 12th.

57303 failed at Dorchester during the snow period, and was returned to Eastleigh
on 29th Janaury.

Is info correct re 57312? Any info on the failure?

New as D1811 from Brush, Loughborough in February 1965. 47330 from April 1974, 47390 for a while in 1994-5. Out of service from June 2000, and readied for 57/3 conversion in June 2003, emerging in October as 57312 The Hood.

David Mant has shared this image of 47330 at Totton in 1989.

Near Corfe Castle at the 2012 Swanage Diesel Gala