Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Capital Christmas Express, 17th November 2012

1Z92 08:25 Weymouth - Paddington, 1Z93 18:33 Paddington - Weymouth. Unfortunately 34067 stalled on Parkstone Bank, and was rescued by 47786, which was at Wareham, having banked the train to there from Weymouth. Running was reported as 85 minutes late at Bournemouth, but was 77 minutes late when passing St Denys.
Bulleid 'BB' 34067 Tangmere about to pass under Horseshoe Bridge (1904). 66954 had brought the flats in earlier to Up Yard.
 Passing through St Denys station. The train was actually understood to be 1Z92 and not'Z81' presented here in Western Region style.

47786 Roy Castle OBE contributing a push on the rear of the train.

A rather good YouTube video by NwsNoaaChaser (who I also need to thank for updating me with the train delays)