Thursday, 1 November 2012

RHTT workings at Lincoln, 29th October 2012

Two RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) workings seen at Lincoln Central on Monday 29th.

66744 Crossrail with 66743 on the other end, with a GBRf operated RHTT, believed to be 3J41/3J42/3J43/3J44 Peterborough LIP-Doncaster TMD-Sibsey-Peterborough Eastfield Jn-Leicester-Peterborough LIP-Grantham-Peterborough-Grantham-Peterborough-Grantham-Peterborough LIPThe church is St Mary Le Wigford.
156404, 66072 and 153357 later in the day. Euro Cargo Rail 66072 (returned from France) with a DBS RHTT working 3J87 Toton - Toton.
Euro Cargo Rail 66223, similarly returned from France, on the other end of 3J87.