Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Steam at the Great Central Railway, 28th October 2012

A late October Sunday spent on the Great Central Railway. A fuller set of pictures can be found here.

Red LMS 8F 48624 (SR Ashford 1943) arrives at Quorn & Woodhouse in rainy conditions with 15:15 from Loughborough.
 LMS 3F 47406 (Vulcan Foundry, 1926) arriving at Rothley from Leicester North with the "Halloween Express".
 70013 Oliver Cromwell in the shed at Loughborough.
Newly repainted into a 1930s Malachite Green is SR N15 777 Sir Lamiel.
GWR 'King' 6023 King Edward II has arrived at Loughborough from Didcot for completion of repairs.