Thursday, 18 October 2012

1Q14 Radio Survey Train, Romsey - 16th October 2012

1Q14 19:30 Eastleigh - Romsey - Redbridge - Southampton Central - Weymouth - Southampton - Lymington Pier - Southampton - Redbridge - Romsey - Eastleigh

37682 - completed at EE Vulcan Foundry in April 1964 as D6936 and allocated to Landore. Later renumbered to 37236. Rebuilt and renumbered to 37682 in March 1987 at Crewe. Last worked for EWS in 2004, then sold to HNRC in November 2007. Returned to traffic with DRS from January 2009.

37688completed at EE Vulcan Foundry in November 1963 as D6905 and allocated to Landore. Later renumbered to 37205. Rebuilt and renumbered to 37688 in February 1987 at Crewe. last worked for EWS in 2003, then sold to DRS in November 2005. Returned to traffic from July 2007 when named at Kingmoor open day.

977868 and 6264 - details are in my entry from 6th October.

37688 Kingmoor TMD leads in from Eastleigh for the turn around at Romsey
37688 and Radio Survey Coach 977868
37682 is readied for the run forward to Eastleigh and Southampton
37682 starts away from Romsey, with the rare R for Redbridge route shown in the signal here, as most trains leave for Eastleigh.
37688 on the rear of the formation.