Saturday, 28 April 2012

So farewell then 47501, stored XHHP

47501 has been stored into pool XHHP, the DRS holding pool, and is believed to have a main generator failure. There is a report that it may be coming to Eastleigh for stripping, to support overhaul of 47839.

New as D1944 from Brush, Loughborough in June 1966. Renumbered to 47501 from February 1974. Stored by EWS in April 1999, withdrawn in April 2001. In October 2002 acquired by DRS and passed through Glasgow Works returning to traffic in September 2003 after overhaul and twin-tank modification.

It is said that 47802 may now be on hit-list at DRS as it is at same design level as 47501.

Eastleigh, 1st April 1984
UPDATE: David Mant sent me this picture of 47501 at Salisbury on what appears to be a West of England service in 1988. My notes show that the locomotive had an overhaul at Crewe completed in June 1986.
 Eastleigh, 22nd May 2011