Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ashfield Bridge and other clearance work, Romsey, 15th April 2012

The new A27 Ashfield bridge, erected at Easter 2012. The rubble in the foreground is material from the old bridge.
There is also a new E867R signal replacing one of ML Engineering pattern, which would have been erected at the resignalling 30 years ago, as illustrated below for 31st March update. Similar pattern signal E861 (down from Eastleigh in the Tadburn Meadows area) is also being replaced - still in use today, with its replacement in position.
At deck level (taken from a fence), it can be seen that the steel ties have been positioned ahead of concrete pouring.

Clearance works are under way on the canopies at Romsey station. The down platform (left) has been completed, and work is under way on the up platform.
A view of the complete down canopy (right) and partially completed up (left).