Sunday, 22 May 2011

DRS stock moves, Eastleigh, 22nd May 2011

 47712 Pride of Carlisle + 47501 Craftsman arrive with 5Z20 09:30 Crewe - Eastleigh. Newly overhauled stock for DBS (Riviera) charter operations.
 47501 leads out of the carriage sidings with the Cruise Saver stock as 5Z51 Eastleigh - Eastern Docks
 47501 waits for the off from the depot and carriage sidings area. The driver has already made the signalpost phone call. 47501 was new 29th June 1966 as D1944.
 47712 is under power leaving Eastleigh
A closer view of 47712, new 1st August 1966 as D1948 and later named Lady Diana Spencer. Both locomotives were likely in build together at Brush.