Friday 16 September 2022

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 10th September 2022

The Works was hosting a charity visit event for the Inter City Railway Society. While photography within the works is restricted, this selection was through the fence from Campbell Road.

37069 and 69006. The 69 left the Works on Tuesday 13th.

Mk 1 RBR 1671 was moved to Knottingley on 13th.

43480. Hanson & Hall appear to no longer in partnership with RailAdventure, who have now acquired SLC Operations, leaving a separate SLC Rail.

67027 and 67023 had been moved to inside the Works.

142014, now owned by Locomotive Services, is expected to be broken for spares.

701512, 2 unidentified 701s, 701024, 701038,and 701049.