Saturday 9 January 2021

4th - 9th January 2021

Sadly back to a long lockdown, and back to local single daily exercise restriction. This was the first return stone empties from Up Yard in 2021, seen passing Crampmoor on 6th January.

66619 Derek W. Johnson MBE leading 7V62 13:21 Up Yard - Whatley.

Once again, the KEA of interest was VTG 3178. The TML (Trans Manche Link) logo can still be seen towards the right, from the days 33 years ago when it was a PXA wagon, like these examples. (Update: derailed 2nd February at Chichester.)

The final wagon was JNA 81.70.5500.840-0 leased from Touax, and delivered in 2020.

Another day, another empty stone train. 66601 The Hope Valley passes Crampmoor with 7V16 11:55 Fareham - Whatley, 8th January.

Monday 4th January: 33012 0Z33 11:13 Swanage - Eastleigh Works (believed to be for bodywork repairs and repaint) one two three four
Tuesday 5th January: 60029 6X61 10:11 Willesden - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven, 6Z10 14:35 Eastleigh - Maritime one, 0Z10 15:34 Maritime - Willesden
Wednesday 6th January: 
Thursday 7th January: 66755 + 701016 + 66752 6X24 07:35 Derby - Eastleigh one two three four; 37175 3Q36 23:40 Westbury - Redbridge - Southampton - Redbridge - Salisbury - Bristol - Westbury (earlier in the day)
Friday 8th January:
Saturday 9th January:

59003 has been sent to Kent one two three four five, apparently to cover for a 73 which requires tyre turning.

59104 returned from Leeds to the Mendips on 4th January.

66783 'Biffa' The Flying Dustman continues to work on the Eastleigh - Westbury circuit one two three

70004 in the latest Freightliner Class 70 to be returned from storage, but it does not yet seem to have ventured out of Midland Road, Leeds.

Passenger service cuts coming: BBC - Guardian - Transport Network. For some comparison, this is for Boston area in Massachusetts in December.