Saturday 7 July 2018

Eastleigh Works, 30th June & 5th July 2018

All on 5th July, unless indicated.

Welcome to Eastleigh Works. 73136 is just seen here, next to railcar 55028.

68501 has exited from the paintshop. This former De-Icer coach will become a barrier coach for Arlington, working with 68504, currently in the paintshop. 68505 has been designated for spares.

66785 was ready to make its departure the following morning, following transformation from 66132.

30th June: unidentified JSA wagon - being converted from telescopic hood to an open configuration.

37.70.6791.062-2 is  an IIA coal hopper, brought to the works on 27th March. Built by IRS in Romania in 2008.

37.70.6791.017-6 has been re-coded as an HYA, but little else has clearly changed - a shortened body may have been expected.