Saturday 11 November 2017

DCR fleet for sale, 11th November 2017

Many seen here when the Railvac was kept at Totton.

Some of the Class 31s are familiar to us from the Wessex Railways T&T service, when operated by Fragonset.

For sale:
31190     Stored serviceable         Wolsingham
31452     In service                 Washwood Heath
31454     Component recovery         Washwood Heath
31468     Component recovery         Wolsingham
31601     Component recovery         Washwood Heath
31602     Component recovery         Wolsingham   

56091     Stored unserviceable       Washwood Heath
56103     Stored unserviceable       Washwood Heath
56128     Component recovery         Washwood Heath
56303     In service (yesterday)     Washwood Heath
56311     Stored unserviceable       Washwood Heath
56312     Stored serviceable         Washwood Heath

PDF of the offer document

"Bid submissions: 16/11/17 midday
Washwood Heath locomotives must be collected by Tuesday 28th November."

Full circumstances and background not yet known.