Saturday 25 March 2017

47771 basks in the sunshine at Maritime, 25th March 2017

Potentially  the last Class 47 on Southampton Maritime, 47771 has been prepared with a through brakepipe hose for the drag move to Eastleigh Works.

47771 was new from Brush at Loughborough on 6th July 1966, as D1946 allocated to D16 on the London Midland Region (Toton). With ETH fitted, it was renumbered to 47503 in May 1974, and then 47771 in June 1994. Withdrawn in April 2000, and preserved in June 2003.

The locomotive carried the name The Geordie from August 1998 to June 1991, previously carried by 47403 and 47411. Later named Heaton Traincare Depot from 18th March 1993.

My own first sighting of 47503 was on 18th February 1984, arriving at Southampton with a cross-country service.