Saturday 31 December 2016

26th - 31st December 2016

Monday 26th December:
Tuesday 27th December;
Wednesday 28th December:
Thursday 29th December: 66019 + 66177 5Z58 04:55 Eastleigh - Victoria, 5Z60 19:14 Victoria - Eastleigh one two three four
Friday 30th December;
Saturday 31st December:

08904 at Eastleigh has been reported as withdrawn by DBC, following sale to HNRC.

Rumour 1: some Freightliner Class 70 leases may not be renewed in 2018.

"FL Intermodal trains are running with more weight on them than a few years ago, i know as i drive them, the 70 problems are not enough fitters at Midland road that are passed on them, shortage of spares, shortage of wheel sets as there are a few on thin wheels, also a 70 has more down time for exams as it takes longer than a 66 and the gen ive been told is when the lease is up on them in 2018 for the early ones that they wont be renewed as FL have fell out of favour with them, and 90001-015 will be up for grabs by then to replace them ......."

Rumour 2: Class 159/9 will come off Cardiff Portsmouth in May 2018

Class 159/9 will be replaced by Class 165 as already expected. The new 165/9 sub-class will be jacked up in the suspension by 25mm to improve clearances.