Saturday, 7 November 2015

Worth Valley Railway Railbuses, 3rd October 2015

Two Waggon und Maschinenbau railbuses are on the Worth Valley Railway, with AEC engined 79964 in service, and 79962, with original Büssing engine, currently under restoration at Ingrow.

79964 arrives empty at Oxenhope for the first service of the day, at 09:00 and may have been substituting for a rostered Class 101.
In rather foggy conditions at Oxenhope.
Waiting at a brighter Keighley,  to form 09:40 to Oxenhope.
With the line blocked at Oakworth, 79964 is turned around at Damems to head back to Keighley.
79962 under restoration at Ingrow.

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The full KWVR coverage is on OneDrive.