Thursday, 2 April 2015

Network Rail: STATEMENT - West Coast Railways suspension notice

Network Rail has issued West Coast Railways with a suspension notice with effect of Friday 3 April.
A Network Rail spokesperson said: “Network Rail has issued a suspension notice to West Coast Railway Company Limited (WCR) as a result of ongoing safety concerns.
“This decision has not been taken lightly, however safety will always be our number one priority.
“We have set out a number of actions to address the safety concerns raised and will continue to work with WCR to ensure their services can run safely in future.”
The suspension notice issued can be read in full

& has been broadcast on Radio 4 news.
Network Rail and West Coast Railways
West Coast Railways are working hard to reverse the current suspension imposed by Network Rail by fully satisfying their concerns. Passengers booked to travel with West Coast Railways and on their associated trips should not be concerned, if necessary West Coast Railways will charter the service of another licensed operator using the same traditional carriages and trips will be unaffected, but West Coast Railways hope this won’t be necessary and trust any issues will be resolved to the satisfaction of network rail.

3rd April update from West Coast

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