Saturday, 2 August 2014

Track recording train at ZG, 31st July

9481 originally a Mk 2d BSO built to Lot 30824 at Derby in 1971, and allocated to the Eastern Region. Realloacated to the LMR from September 1979, and in use as a staff coach since 2009.
6261 was built as a BG M81284  by Pressed Steel, Linwood,  in 1957 to Lot 30323. Later 92088 and 92988, converted to 6261 in September 2003.
999550 was the last Mark 2f shell, added to the final order at Derby as Lot 3830 in the freight series, emerging in 1975. As the High Speed Track Recording Coach, it was always intended to run at up to 125 mph on B5 bogies, and ran in the Network Measurement Train HST for a number of years.
1256 was completed as a Mk 2f FO 3296 at Derby to Lot 30845 in 1973. Converted to 1256 in March 1991 to RFB Buffet Open First. It entereed departmental service in 2009 as a staff coach and is now a Plain Line Pattern Recognition Coach.