Sunday, 13 October 2013

"Lion" and the Slugs, 13th October 2013

A rather rainy day for the diesel running event at the Watercress Line. There are further pictures on SkyDrive.

50027 "Lion" arrives at Ropley with 10:50 from Alton.
50027 runs around at Alresford.
37901 "Mirrlees Pioneer" awaits departure of 12:50 from Alton.
37905 draws into Ropley with 13:45 from Alresford.
37901 + 37905 await departure of 15:45 Alresford - Alton, with 08377 on the right.

37901 should shortly return to the East Lancashire Railway. 

It is important to note that the two "Slugs" are very different in engineering terms. 37901 was rebuilt from 37150, using a Mirrlees MB275T 6 cylinder engine (1800 bhp) and Brush alternator - both coming from parts of Hawker-Siddeley Group. The 8 cylinder version of this engine is used in Class 60.

37905 was rebuilt from 37136, using a Ruston RK270T 6 cylinder engine (1800 bhp), and GEC alternator - both coming from the GEC group. This engine has some development history in the English Electric / Ruston units in classes such as 37, 50, 56 and 58.  The locomotive was named "Vulcan Enterprise".

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