Saturday, 18 May 2013

Swanage Diesel Gala - a first collection, 12th May 2013

37521 English China Clays at Swanage. 37521 is owned by Harry Needle Railroad Company, at Barrow Hill, and this trip to Swanage saw its first usage under this ownership. The locomotive was new from Vulcan Foundry as D6817 to 41A Sheffield Tinsley in March 1963, later became 37117 and was rebuilt to 37521 in April 1988.
20189, seen at Swanage, was new as D8189 from Vulcan Foundry in January 1967, allocated to D16 Nottingham Division. Withdrawn by BR in September 1990, and became the selected shunter at MC Metals scrapyard in Glasgow, later working at the construction of the Channel Tunnel.
33111 departing Norden. This locomotive was new to 73C Hither Green from BRCW in October 1960 as D6528 to, and was withdrawn by BR in June 1991.
31466 was new from Brush as D5533 in June 1959, allocated to 32A Norwich. Later renumbered 31115, and rebuilt with ETH to 31466. The only Class 31 repainted into EWS colours, it was withdrawn in 2001.
20227 was new at D8327 in February 1968, as the last of the class, and allocated to 66A Polmadie. Later seen on merry-go-round coal trains in central Scotland when allocated to HA. Withdrawn by BR in October 1990.