Saturday, 23 March 2013

Stirling Middle Signals, 15th March 2013

Considered to be one of the finer collections of semaphore signals still in use on Network Rail, planning permission has been given for LED signals as replacements, while retaining the two signalboxes, which are both listed buildings. One condition is that a Caledonian Railway signal is to go on display in the station concourse.

The Caledonian Railway triple starter (it appears with BR arms) is scheduled for removal to The Museum of Scottish Railways at Bo'ness.
These Caledonian Railway signals, adjacent to Stirling Middle, are suffering from corrosion to the finials.

A ground level view at the south end of the station.
Stirling Middle, opened 4th August 1901.
Stirling North and down starter - this box controls only Perth direction and has just wo semaphores.

Network Rail Heritage Assessment
Stirling Middle                                            Diagram ~1980
2008 pictures including SAK diagram
Pictures of the signals