Saturday, 15 December 2012

Cruise Saver Express - the last run, 15th December 2012

47810 Peter Bath MBE 1927 - 2006 + 47501 Craftsman 1Z92 10:33 Southampton Western Docks - Edinburgh

A rather smoky 47810 leads the train past Millbrook at 10:54, a few minutes late
Extra attention from the baggage car for this final run
9537 was the vinyl covered Mk 2F BSO baggage car, part of the DBS Riviera Trains fleet, acccompanied by Mk 2A BFK 17056.
47501 on the rear
...... and gone forever

Thanks to all who ran the Cruise Saver, it provided plenty of lineside variety.

Update 16th December - more pictures: Bevois Park (Up Yard) - Burton - DerbyWakefield Westgate - LeedsNewcastleEdinburgh - ECS on Sunday at Carlisle (where it is noted that as D1924, 47810 was the locomotive which hauled the last "Bournemouth Belle" in 1967)

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