Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Day in Birmingham and Stourbridge, 6th February 2012

Images by Ian Knight, who writes "Had a day in Brum on Monday seeking out the new 172 unts on the old GW suburban lines. A day Centro from Bescot cost £5.80 and with free parking was a bargain. Also took in the Stourbridge line with its Parry People Mover shuttle." He also advises that he saw all but two of the 172s, which you, dear reader, may take as a challenge!
67012 A Shropshire Lad at Moor Street with 1H32 10:55 to Marylebone.
GWR 2-8-0 as cosmetically restored at Moor Street. 2885 is for sale.
172331 at Moor Street with a Stratford train
Parry People Mover 139002 at Stourbridge Town
The same unit at Stourbridge Junction, the shed beyond contains 139001.
67018 Keith Heller at Moor Street with 1H53 15:55 to Marylebone.