Saturday, 28 January 2012

23rd -28th January 2012

Today's highlight was 66414 (formerly Stobart livery James the Engine) on 4O27 05:26 Garston - Maritime, seen here at Millbrook
A closer shot of 66414 was was recently reinstated by Freightliner Intermodal from storage pool DFTZ. Earlier at Didcot.
66025 leaves  the docks with 4M15 11:00 Western Docks - Bescot
66533 passes Millbrook with 4B08 10:31 Maritime - Bevois Valley Sidings
66569 had brought empty flats into the Millbrook terminal
66591 passes Millbrook with 4O14 06:33 Birch Coppice - Maritime
150101, recently transferred from London Midland to First Great Western, following introduction of Class 172, forms the Southampton - Great Malvern service.

Monday 23rd January:
Tuesday 24th January:
Wednesday 25th January:
Thursday 26th January: 
Friday 27th January:
Saturday 28th January: 57303 0Z57 13:00 Eastleigh - Tonbridge (via Havant) (seen here on Fri 27th)

A rather quiet week for notable workings.

Eastleigh Footbridge now unveiled.

The craning out of the class 58's at Eastleigh appears to have slipped to 31st January.