Saturday, 5 November 2011

'Four Lanes' Engineering Work - 5th - 6th November

This is the second week of closures between Romsey and Redbridge for the bridge clearance improvement work for 9'6" containers. This seems to be known as the 'Four Lanes', which I believe is Network Rail speak for Spaniards Lane. Further work is expected to continue until December, and will address further lowering of tracks below bridges.

66185 was on 6N03, seen here working away from the worksite with spoil, at Test Lane. Trains entered worksite at Romsey and exited at Redbridge, to work back to Eastleigh. This view was still in the possession which was through to Redbridge.
The new bridge at Lee Drove, which seems to have been craned in last weekend and appears to be one piece. Worksite seen beyond is at Spaniards Lane.
Detail of the Lee Drove bridge worksite. The 1.5m parapet walls appear to be part of the delivered unit with bricks already in place.
Worksite at Spaniards Lane where one track is being lowered this weekend to make effective clearance below the bridge.
66016 awaits with 6N04, a load of new ballast
66080 is seen  further north of Spaniards Lane with the following train 6N05 with track panels.