Saturday, 9 July 2011

Archive Shot - 55006, 7th March 1979

55006 The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry seen at Haymarket shed, Edinburgh on the 7th March 1979, on an organised visit on a Wednesday afternoon. We were treated to a start of the Deltic.

31417 is beyond. 31s were relatively rare at Edinburgh, but the locomotive was likely to have worked a slow from Newcastle, often a class 46 turn. The locomotive was allocated to York at the time and the 55 was reallocated to there on the 13th of May that year.

Having said that 31s were relatively rare, they were not unkown in this period. My records show a pattern where I believe the locomotive returned south on 1E29 17:xx Edinburgh - Newcastle, which appears to have stopped with 17th March 1979 Penmanshiel Tunnel collapse.
31192   FP        14/12/78
31217   FP        08/01/79
31403   FP        05/02/79
31173   FP        06/02/79
31404   FP        07/02/79
31201   FP        08/02/79
31417   YK       07/03/79            - in photo
31190   FP        12/03/79

55006 made its last passenger working on 4th February 1981 on 1S77 23:55 Kings Cross - Edinburgh, returning to York on the 6th with ECS from Newcastle, and was withdrawn on the 8th, due for a classified repair. It was cut-up at Doncaster in July that year (30 years ago as I type this)

31417 was withdrawn in July 1996 and was cut up at Ron Hull, Rotherham in January 2006

From my notes the 47 is likely to be 47470.