Saturday, 18 June 2011

ECS for Cruise Saver Express - Eastleigh, 18th June 2011

 57004 does its two-stroke thing over Eastleigh, as it did many times when with Freightliner. It was once 47347.
 57004 comes out of its stabling at the works
 47810 + 47501 edge the ECS out of the sidings, with the 57 on the rear.
Close up of the new nameplate on 47810, previously Porterbrook and Captain Sensible. This locomotive hauled the last 'Bournemouth Belle' on 9th July 1967 when allocated to Eastleigh.

5Z52 18:32 Eastleigh - Western Docks (left Eastleigh at 18:20 following reverse in platform 2, earlier than scheduled 18:54)