Sunday, 14 November 2010

8th - 13th November 2010

67024 departs with the boat train from Western Docks through Millbrook, 8th November. Image by Ian Knight.
66504 and stored 08575 at Maritime, 13th November

08575 is a survivor from Scotland originally allocated in June 1959 as D3742 to Edinburgh Dalry Road (64C) then to St Margarets (64A) by April 1960 and upon 1965 shed closure to Haymarket (64B, HA) , my first noted sighting for this locomotive was at the "Edinburgh Rail Festival" of 24th September 1977 at Haymarket.

In the mid 1970s, the locomotive was still vacuum braked only, and it was overhauled in this condition (Design Code 08-0 DV, 90 volts electrics, dual exhausters) at Glasgow Works in August 1980, continuing to work around Edinburgh. However it was stored sometime between 1981 - 83, then briefly reallocated to Eastfield (ED) and stored, Gateshead (GD), and sent to Swindon Works. Conversion then followed to dual brakes at Swindon completed in October 1985 (08-0 EX), allocated to Thornaby (TE) 1 2, later to Neville Hill (NL) around 1992, and Tinsley (TI) around 1994.

It had reached Millbrook by 1997, and has circulated around the Freightliner locations. Reported at Bristol Barton Hill in March 2004 for TPWS fitting.

Monday 8th November: 67005 + 67024 T+T 5Z21 04:30 Eastleigh - Western Docks, 1Z21 09:55 Western Docks - Edinburgh
Tuesday 9th November:  67024 5O61 Wembley - Eastleigh
Wednesday 10th November: 73138 + 73107 1Q76 06:08 Woking - Southampton UGL - Hither Green
Thursday 11th November:
Friday 12th November: 67025 5Z94 23:10c(Thu) Victoria - Eastleigh, 73207 + 73213 6G20 05.10 Romsey - Eastleigh failed Laverstock, assisted from rear by 66606 from Maritime, brake problems at Dean, arrived Eastleigh by 09:40.
Saturday 13th November: 66018 + 66065 1Z66 07:30 Eastleigh - Thameshaven, 1Z67 13:30 Thameshaven - Eastleigh

Eastleigh Works: 5th Nov (33012) - 9th Nov - 11th Nov