Sunday, 5 September 2010

Class 60s for disposal

Two Class 60s seen here, both now on the 2nd September DBS disposal list.

60070 John Loudon McAdam seen at Millbrook on 22nd September 2003 with what appears to be the Quidhampton tanks. This locomotive was stored on 31st August 2004, still in this intermediate LoadHaul scheme. The grey paint scheme will have dated from delivery in October 1991. The engine had run for 13170 hours and attention was required to cams, camshafts and timing gears.
60050 in early "E W & S" colour scheme painted in 1997. Seen here at Eastleigh, 24th October 2004, the locomotive had previously been named Roseberry Topping (a distinctive hill in the North Yorks Moors). It had worked light engine 0O41 from Westbury - Eastleigh on Friday 22nd. New to traffic in March 1991, the locomotive was stored firstly on 4th July 2005 and returned to traffic on 23rd November that year. Storage resumed on 8th June 2006, the engine had run for 14280 hours, and had problems with the cylinder heads.

For details of the DBS disposal now for disposal see WNXX.
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