Monday, 30 May 2016

"Royal Scotsman" 66743 makes its debut at Eastleigh, 30th May 2016

0E66 08:44 Eastleigh - Doncaster Roberts Road.

GBRf advise "We've outshopped a second locomotive in the Belmond colours in order to support the haulage of the Royal Scotsman luxury train. ....

"She'll be heading north to Doncaster for some minor modifications before joining her sister loco in Scotland.

"You can expect to see her on her maiden Royal Scotsman voyage on Friday June 10th."

66743 will join 66746 already repainted for the Royal Scotsman duties.

Coming off the works 7 minutes late after waiting for other workings to pass.

66743 was originally 66407 of DRS, built in July 2003 and unloaded on 20th November that year. 

After service with DRS, the locomotive was briefly 66842 of Advenza in 2009 before moving on to Colas.

Variety at Eastleigh, 30th May 2016

07007 draws 450543 away from the workshops.
220013 outside of the works offices.

08904 returned to Eastleigh in early May, and is seen shunting with 59204 beyond.

66102 arrived from the south and later drew forward some autoballasters from the East Yard.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

60103 "Flying Scotsman" - "Hampshire Cream Tea", 28th May 2016

1Z82 15:02 Salisbury - Redbridge - Southampton - Eastleigh - Romsey - Salisbury

Weather and light conditions were much better than a week ago. 60103 Flying Scotsman approaches Spaniards Lane bridge, south of Romsey.

60103 a bit closer to the bridge, where there were about 10 people present.

Approaching Millbrook. Image by Ian Knight.

Admirers at Crampmoor, on the return leg, approaching Romsey.

Some further views of Flying Scotsman, at Crampmoor.

Pullman coach 352, now named Ameythst.

47580 County of Essex on the rear.

More of my pictures at One Drive.

Further pictures from today.

23rd - 28th May 2016

70802 passing Romsey as 0O31 17:30 Westbury - Eastleigh, 27th May.

Monday 23rd May:
Tuesday 24th May:
Wednesday 25th May: 37254 + 37175 DIT 0Z37 08:50 Eastleigh - Barrow Hill one two three four five six seven eight; 57007 0M57 10:13 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent one two three
Thursday 26th May: 73212 + 73213 T+T 5Y73 Eastleigh - Western Docks (coaches 5008 + 5027 + 3133 + 9537) one two - the coaches have subsequently arrived at Nemesis Rail, Burton
Friday 27th May:
Saturday 28th May: 66009 5Z24 03:45 Eastleigh - Swindon (see on the tour one two); 60103 1Z82 15:02 Salisbury - Redbridge - Southampton - Eastleigh - Romsey - Salisbury
Sunday 29th May: 66009 (?) 5Z27 11:20 Swindon - Eastleigh

66743 has been repainted in Royal Scotsman colours at Eastleigh Works: one two

Interesting document: DfT Rolling Stock Perspective 2016

Ballast Cleaner in the light at Romsey, 26th May 2016

 66953 arriving at Romsey with 6Y19 17:08 Fairwater Yard - Billingshurst for the scheduled crew change.

The train creeps into the station - it is very long.

The first four vehicles were autoballasters including HQAH 380161 inner vehicle, built by Wabtec at Doncaster in 2001.

DR92269 (left) is a YDA MFS-D Materials Handling Train Hopper Wagon within the MOBC (Medium Output Ballast Cleaner) train.

DR76324 is the ballast cleaner itselfm a ZWA RM 95 RT, with hopper trains to each side.

66553 on the rear of the train.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Eastleigh Works, 23rd May 2016

37175 and 37254 have been at the works since a failure at Staines on a test train working on 13th May.

A long way from preserved days at Bo'ness.

37254, formerly on the Spa Valley Railway, and 66744 Crossrail,

57007 has been in works since 9th September 2014, but appears to be near ready for collection by DRS.

The new DRS vinyls.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

60103 "Flying Scotsman" - "Hampshire Cream Tea", 21st May 2016

1Z82 15:02 Salisbury - Redbridge - Southampton - Eastleigh - Romsey - Salisbury

Unfortunately it was a rainy afternoon. 60103 Flying Scotsman with the return leg, passing Lockerley.

Earlier, on the outward leg, running through Lockerley.

Approaching the arched bridge, some admirers are taking pictures and videos.

Heading onwards towards Dunbridge.

Passing Redbridge a few minutes later. Image by Ian Knight.

On the return leg, at Lockerley.

47580 County of Essex at the rear, providing assistance on the rising gradient.

More of my pictures at One Drive.

Local press coverage - the local press had distributed a departure time from Salisbury one hour before actual, many were lined up in time, but were not enouraged by the rain:
Daily Echo and additional gallery
Salisbury Journal - showing that Salisbury station was rammed
BBC South Today

It was noticeable that some of the normal service trains were running rather slowly, because of incidents of trespass, reportedly including at a foot crossing at Dean - one recorded later at Overton. Some stations, such as Romsey, appear to have been uncomfortably busy, following press previews of the train.