Saturday, 22 July 2017

37601 leaves Eastleigh for Leicester, 19th July 2017

Europhoenix / Rail Operations Group 37601 0Z37 20:15 Eastleigh - Leicester.

An hour beforehand, at Eastleigh Works with 47818.

Heading for the station platforms, 37601 of January 1961 is the oldest Class 37 in mainline use.

Perseus has previously been applied to GWR 'Iron Duke' class member (185r0 - 1880), GWR 'Bulldog' 3345 / 3333 (Feb 1900 - Oct 1932), LNWR 'George the Fifth' 2494 / LMS 25368 (Aug 1911 - Nov 1936), E26053 / 76053 (Oct 1960 - Dec 1973), 47459 (Tinsley unoffical: Feb 1991 - Mar 1992)

Heading northwards through the station.

17th - 22nd July 2017

707005 and 707003 continue their mileage accumulation, Redbridge, 17th July. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 17th July:
Tuesday 18th July: 66004 5Z46 Eastleigh - Burton Wetmore one
Wednesday 19th July: 68025 6Z70 01:01 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three, 0Z68 10:19 Eastleigh - Willesden one two; 66125 6Z29 09:35 Fawley - Bescot (18 TTA's firstly for Long Marston, then for eventual scrapping) one two three four five six seven; 37601 0Z37 20:15 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three and multiple further pictures
Thursday 20th July: 57301 + 57303 5Z40 16:18 Eastleigh - Kidderminster one two three four
Friday 21st July:
Saturday 22nd July:

33202 is going to the Isle of Wight! (Sep 29th - Oct 1st). Gala info.

66596 and 66954 have been routed from Crewe via Southampton to Leeds for exams and return to traffic, although currently still in stored pool DHLT. 66597 has been formally returned to the operational DFHH pool.

Eastleigh Works: 20Jun - 23Jun - 26Jun - 27Jun - 29Jun

Thursday, 20 July 2017

June Friday Evening Freight at Eastleigh, 30th June 2017 - 4: Freightliner

66951, the first low emissions Class 66 from 2004, arrived light engine from Stoke Gifford.

66591 4M99 17:00 Maritime - Trafford Park.

 66528 Madge Elliot MBE Borders Railway Opening 2015 4O57 13:29 Wentloog - Maritime.

70014 4E76 19:01 Maritime - Leeds. Another enthusiast on the platform suggested that these will be off-lease by year end - consider that as a rumour.

66598 4M04 19:14 Maritime - Lawley Street - this one is from the JP Morgan / Beacon Rail lease group, where some locos have recently been stored.

66560 4O25 16:25 Bristol - Maritime - including rarer FRA flats, built by Marcroft in 2002.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Two Class 33s, 8th July 2017

It is remarkable to think that it is now 30 years since the Class 33 run down on the Cardiff - Portsmouth services.

33053 was new as D6571 from BRCW on 14th October 1961, renumbered to 33053 in Janaury 1974. Withdrawn on 17th February 1997. Initially restored in preservation at Barrow Hill, the locomotive has been maintained at Shackerstone while working mostly on the Mid-Hants,

33207 Jim Martin of West Coast Railway Company, about to be detached from a train at Eastleigh. New as D6592 from BRCW in March 1962, renumbered to 33207 in February 1974. After withdrawal in February 1997 and disposal by EWS, this locomotive went to HNRC, who sold it to DRS in December 2000, following an overhaul at Fragonset in Derby, completed in May 2001. Repaired at Crewe LNWR in June 2003 before sale to West Coast in September 2005

Monday, 17 July 2017

50 years since the End of Southern Steam, event on 8th July 2017

The Watercress Line gala, when I visited, allowed the opportunity to see three Bulleids in steam, plus four more (or parts thereof) awaiting or under repair.

A full set of pictures, including colour, appears on OneDrive.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Eastleigh Works, 13th July 2017

57307 Lady Penelope arrived light engine from Crewe on Wednesday 12th. Replacement of the 20 years vinyls? Originally D1901 delivered from Brush 20th September 1965 to 86A Cardiff Canton. Renumbered 47225 in March 1974 and latterly after service with Freightliner rebuilt to 57307 in September 2003. Previously received attention at Eastleigh in December 2012 - January 2013.

57301 and 57303 are parked up, having brought in the Northern Belle stock, which appears to be within the works. 47810 is the very obscured locomotive in the background.

57301 Goliath was originally D1653 delivered from BR Crewe on 16th January 1965 to 86A Cardiff Canton. Renumbered 47069 in January 1974, then overhauled and converted to ETH 47638 in February 1986, and 47845 in November 1989. Converted to 57301 in July 2002.

57303 Pride of Carlisle recently spent some time at Eastleigh Works - from January to April, and its history is in my earlier item.

9703 leads a test train with 37421 on the rear. 9703 was originally Mk2F BSO 9517 completed at Derby to Lot 30861 in June 1974. Converted to DBSO for Edinburgh - Glasgow services in June 1979, and taken into departmental use in February 2007 as a DTC.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Class 707 under test, 13th - 14th July 2017

Siemens Class 707 units are currently on mileage accumulation turns between Clapham and Bournemouth, 707003 + 707005 appeared to be allocated to these turns in the past week.

At the same time there is continuing uncertainty about whether  these units will be used by the new South Western Railway, even for an interim period to 2019, or if the 25kV option will be used to send them elsewhere - possibly to serve Corby. Roger Ford wrote a relevant commentary in April, where he explained that lease charges for the 707s were expensive.     UPDATE: Corby electrification cancelled.

From The Railway Magazine. One discussion (from 1st July) and another (from late June)

The huge question is as to who will bear the inevitable financial losses for this situation - and it feels as if the answer will likely be the taxpayer.

Further pictures from this week: 707003 - 707005

5Q81 18:30 Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D to Clapham Yard Sidings, at Eastleigh, 13th July.

5Q80 13:04 Clapham Yard Sidings to Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D at Millbrook. Friday 14th.

Waiting just beyond Millbrook on the down slow.