Sunday, 22 October 2017

Dartmouth Steam Railway, 17th October 2017

A day in the drizzling rain at Paignton, Kingswear and Dartmouth.

143620 is part of a Pacer arriving at Paignton.

7827 Lydham Manor moves to join the train at Paignton.

D3014 Samson and D7535 MERCURY (25185)  at Paignton. The Class 08 was withdrawn in October 1972 before BR renumbering.

The climb was slow, with slipping on a difficult rail. The views were rewarding, such as this one over Broadsands.

75014 BRAVEHEART was loaded onto a road transporter at Churston, apparently returning from the West Somerset Railway where it was a guest locomotive. The strange symbols were all over the railway, I think related to forthcoming Half-Term and Halloween.

7827 departs from Kingswear, as seen from Dartmouth.

7827 running around at Kingswear.

The railway company also manages buses and ferry boats. Y816TGH (Volvo / Plaxton) is former London Central PVL216 and Plymouth Citybus 439.

Dart Explorer ran a ferry crossing to meet the train, now seen departing on a cruise.

Dartmouth Steam Railway

Saturday, 21 October 2017

55009 with "The Swanage Belle"

55009 Alycidon
1Z45 04:31 Burton - Swanage
1Z55 15:08 Swanage - Eastleigh - Romsey - Westbury - Burton

55009 approaching Redbridge from Maritime.

Passing through Redbridge. 

Passing Totton about a minute later. Image by Ian Knight.

16th - 21st October 2017

"Drab 444" 444040 passing Redbridge, 21st October. At some recent time,the signal has been changed to a LED unit.

Monday 16th October:
Tuesday 17th October:
Wednesday 18th October:
Thursday 19th October:
Friday 20th October:
Saturday 21st October: 55009 1Z45 04:31 Burton - Swanage, 1Z55 15:08 Swanage - Eastleigh - Romsey - Westbury - Burton (all Flickr for this working)

Eastleigh Works: 09Sep - 12Sep - 13Sep -14Sep - 15Sep - 19Sep - 22Sep - 25Sep - 26Sep - 27Sep - 28Sep

Friday, 20 October 2017

Watercress Line Diesel Gala, 20th October 2017

55002 (D9002) had what I understand was an AWS related fault. The part was in delivery but went to Alresford, Essex by mistake, 55002 managed to play a part in the gala by borrowing the equivalent from D6700 later in the day. All is now reported sorted on both locomotives for Saturday 21st.

A larger set appears on OneDrive.

 2H 1125 at Ropley.

 03197 at Alton with a Queen Mary brakevan shuttle. From late 1960s to mid 70s this was a SR loco, and was fitted with raised brake pipes for emu compatibility.

 33053 at Ropley.

 50027 Lion at Alton.

 Repaired D9002 (55002) King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry preparing to join a train at Ropley.

D6700 (37119, 37350) at Medstead.

HSTs in Devon, October 2017

Full HST service in these parts are not forever, as some of the Great Western examples are to head to Scotland, and there will be IET sets. 11 HST sets are planned to be retained by GWR.

43169 at Totnes, 18th October. This example is on the list for Scotland.

Retro livery on 43185, also at Totnes on 18th.

Cross-Country 43321 again at Totnes.

43010 at Exeter on 16th.

43016 and 43164 at Newton Abbot on 16th. 43164 is planned to go to Scotland.

43160 at Newton Abbot on 17th.

The list of power cars to go to ScotRail:

43003 43124 43138 43151
43012 43125 43139 43152
43015 43126 43140 43163
43021 43127 43142 43164
43026 43128 43142 43168
43028 43129 43143 43169
43030 43130 43144 43175
43031 43131 43145 43176
43032 43132 43146 43177
43033 43133 43147 43179
43034 43134 43148 43181
43035 43135 43149 43182
43036 43136 43150 43183
43037 43137

(43124-43152 are GEC G417AZ traction motors)

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Seaton Junction, 15th October 2017

The 1928 concrete bridge spans to the second platform, on the right, which has a far curving edge for the Seaton branch.

Gothic architecture by Sir William Tite for the LSWR. The station was closed in 1966, although the adjacent Express Dairies depot continued for some time afterward.

The second Southern Railway pattern foorbridge carries a public footpath across the full width of the station.

A further view of the station building with Southern Railway concrete fencing.

Looking west towards Honiton and Exeter.

Seaton and District Tramway, 15th October 2017

 Car 11 of 2002, at Colyton.

Upstairs on Car 11 at Colyton. The SR pattern concrete lineside hut contains a transformer for the 120V dc line supply.

Cars 19 (body from Exeter) and 16 (rebuilt from a Bournemouth tram) in the shed at Riverside.

14 is rebuilt from Metropolitan Tramways 94.

Interior of 14.

14 departs Colyton.

Service Car 02.