Sunday, 7 February 2016

Miscellaneous Notes, 7th February 2016

Coal fired power station closures

This week's news brought news of an earlier than expected closure for most of Fiddler's Ferry Power Station.

Not intended as a definitive list, but to give scope to the downsizing of merry-go-round operations which we have seen over the last 50 years. A transition to gas will reduce railway traffic, and we already hear of modern coal hoppers being sent for scrap, Unfortunately this can only be expected to continue, as more than half of our recent historical coal fuelled capacity will be closed by April.

Name County Operator Units Capacity Closure Notes
Aberthaw S Glamorgan RWE 3 @ 520MW 1.6GW by 2023 Also burning biomass
Cottam Notts EDF 4@ 500MW 2GW by 2025
Drax N Yorks Drax Group 6@ 660MW 4GW 3 units burning biomass
Eggborough N Yorks Eggborough Power 4@ 500MW 2GW Mar-16
Ferrybridge C W Yorks SSE 4@ 500MW 2GW Mar-16 Latterly only 1 unit
Fiddler's Ferry Cheshire SSE 4@ 500MW 2GW Apr-16 Was contracted to 2019, 1 unit to continue derated 
Ironbridge Shropshire E.ON 2@ 500MW 1GW Nov-15
Longannet Fife Scottish Power (Iberdrola) 4@ 600MW 2.4GW Mar-16
Ratcliffe-on-Soar Notts E.ON 4@ 500MW 2GW by 2025
West Burton Lincs EDF 4@ 500MW 2GW by 2025

Of the total of 19.5GW nominally available, going into winter 2015-16, 8.9GW will close by April - 46%. That equates to about 20% of typical UK demand, which can be monitored here.

As I write this on a Sunday afternoon, with comfortable temperature for February, coal is providing 5.4GW into the National Grid, this has however peaked at 14 to 15GW during the recent coal snap - and we will only have 10GW nominal total capacity next year.

With the announced closure of much of Fiddler's Ferry, and that at Longannet, the future of Hunterston deep water facility again appears challenging. Originally constructed as an importation location for iron ore for Ravenscraig, this has dispatched coal to both Longannet, Fiddler's Ferry and Drax, the latter generating 2 trains a day in each direction over the Settle & Carlisle route. Fiddlers's Ferry also has gypsum traffic from Newbiggin on the S&C.

FT article 7th February

New Class 66s - the last of the line.

Given the above item, I suspect that more Class 66 may be exported within Europe, as some operators may have excess capacity.

DRS Tender List & disposala

20312 has been withdrawn from the list - so that it can be used for spares for repairs on the remaining fleet, currently at Barrow Hill.

47805 + 20312 + 47790 were dragged to Crewe by 68003 on 5th February: one two three four five six seven eight nine

The 47s are due to transfer to Locomotive Services, where already resident 47501 is understood to have been repainted for further usage.

66519 at the virtual quarry, Eastleigh, 6th February 2016

66519 had arrived at the East Yard with 6O26 from Hinksey, including 60039 in consist (not that I was aware at the time!). It then proceeded to the virtual quarry to collect a train of ballast, seen here hooked up while the train was being checked and counted.
Now edging forward. 66519 is EMD 998145-14 / 2000 and is leased to Freightliner from Eversholt.
MHA 394239 an open box wagon, running on the former underframe of a HAA merry-go-round coal hoppers of 1964 - 77 construction. The conversion was made in 1998 at 'RFS(E) Doncaster' marked by the plate on the underframe, also marked with a disk 'Genly Repaired 1001 1 1998'.
MTA 395066 is an open box wagon, converted at RFS, Doncaster in 1999-2000 and running on the former underframe of TTA tank wagon SUKO 65518.
Similar MTA 395090 was TTA SUKO 65717.
MHA 396153, similar to 394239 in being re-built on the underframe of an HAA, this time at Marcroft, Stoke in 2007, but with some visible detail differences.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Eastleigh, 6th February 2016

All three GBRf former Netherlands grey Class 66's were in Eastleigh today, 66747 and 66748 at the station, and 66749 on the works, where it could proceed to repaint. 66747 (EMD 20078968-007 of 2008) was DE6316 ("92 80 1266 286-4"]) when intended for Crossrail Benelux.
66414 with 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime.
70005 is in pool DFGH (Class 70 Freightliner Heavy Haul) so only makes occasional forays to Southampton, here with 4O54 05:27 Leeds - Maritime. My last Class 70 is now 'copped',with the exception of the near impossible 70012.
66132 with 4O39 from Morris Cowley to Eastern Docks.
70003 (also DFGH) leads a dead 70019 on 4O29 08:15 Basford Hall - Maritime.

1st - 6th February 2016

Monday 1st February: 67005 + 67006 5Z34 10:53 Toton - Eastleigh one two three four
Tuesday 2nd February: 59004 is shunted at Eastleigh Works
Wednesday 3rd February: 66422 (+ 6313) 5Z68 Eastleigh - Stewarts Lane one two three four
Thursday 4th February: 66238 6Z11 10:00 Dowlow Briggs - Basingstoke - Laverstock - Redbridge - Southampton Up Yard, 6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Wembley - Dowlow Briggs one two three
Friday 5th February: 66006 + 60024 DIT 10:14 0O41 Westbury - Eastleigh (in transfer to Toton for repair - not visible at Eastleigh midday Saturday)
Saturday 6th February: 66519 + 60039  6O26 10:50 Hinksey - Eastleigh one two three (60039 likely for transfer to Westbury)

Great Central Railway Winter Steam Gala, 29th January 2016 (part 2)

A full set appears on One Drive.

LMS Stanier 5MT 45305 on shed at Loughborough.
SR Maunsell U 31806 departs from Quorn.
SR Rebuilt Bulleid 'BB' 34053 Sir Keith Park at Loughborough.
34053 prepared for departure from Quorn.
34053 makes an earlier departure from Quorn.
LMS Stanier 8F 48624 departs from Quorn with a mineral train for Rothley.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Diesels at Loughborough, 29th January 2016

A combination of BRCW Sulzers which was likely never seen in BR days. Class 33/1 D6535 (33116, new in December 1960 to 73C Hither Green, withdrawn in July 2001) and D5401 (27112, 27056, new in July 1962 to 14A Cricklewood, withdrawn February 1987)
A further view of D6535.
45041 Royak Tank Regiment  (D53, new in June 1962 to 17A Derby, withdrawn June 1988)
D123 Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry (45125, new in October 1961 to 17A, withdrawn May 1987).In BR days the name was attached to 46026 (D163), and was formally unveiled on D123 on 22nd June 2000 at Loughborough.
A further view of D5401.
"10119" Margaret Ethel - Thomas Alfred Naylor (D4067, new May 1961 to 41A Sheffield Darnall, withdrawn in December 1970 and sold to the NCB - Class 10 were fitted with Lister-Blackstone ER6T engines, deemed non-standard and leading to early withdrawals). The names are those of the owner's parents.
D5185 (25035, new in May 1963 to 18A Toton, withdrawn in March 1987).

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Great Central Railway Winter Steam Gala, 29th January 2016

LMS Ivatt 2MT 46521 light engine at Quorn & Woodhouse.
SR Rebuilt Bulleid 'BB' 34053 Sir Keith Park at Rothley.
LMS Stanier 8F 48624 at Rothley with a minerals train.
Passing 46521 which was in the loop at Swithland.
SR Maunsell U 31806 departs from Quorn.
GWR Hawksworth 6959 'Modified Hall' 6990 Witherslack Hall.
34053 returning northbound at Quorn

That covers up to lunchtime.