Saturday, 1 August 2015

Tug at Eastleigh, 31st July 2015

A Tug-tastic Friday evening.

60095, which had arrived after dark on Thursday 30th.
Following his arrival on 70810 light engine, running one hour late from Westbury, the driver has started 60095.
60095 is prepared in the sidings at 20:40.
Eased from the sidings at 20:48.
Pauded in the yard at 20:51 with 70810 beyond. 
Easing further into the yard, and away from my view at 20:53.  The return working to Westbury left at 21:28, some 75 minutes late.

27th July - 1st August 2015

66745 at Eastleigh with 4Y81 19:55 Western Docks - Tonbridge West Yard gypsum, 31st July.
66757 Eastleigh, 31st July.
66849 ready with 6Y43 19:57 Eastleigh to Hoo Jct., 31st July
DC 967597 is a Borail Flat coded "Mullet". Rebuilt at Shildon in 1981 to Lot 4012, from an earlier 1959-60 wagon.
Monday 27th July:
Tuesday 28th July:
Wednesday 29th July: 47739 0Y69 Cardiff Canton - Romsey - Eastleigh Works
Thursday 30th July: 47739 0Z47 09:42 Eastleigh - Wimbledon (then to Doncaster); 67008 + 67023 1X23 13:39 Salisbury - Redbridge - Southampton UGL - Redbridge - Salisbury (elsewhere: one two three four five six; 60095 6X60 16:03 Cardiff Canton - Reading - Eastleigh (Railvac 1)
Friday 31st July: 67014 + 67026 5Z88 12:00 Chicester - Eastleigh one two, 5Z89 17:05 Eastleigh - Chichester one; 60095 6V32 20:13 Eastleigh - Westbury one two three four (ran late)
Saturday 1st August: 47739 0Z47 07:42 Wimbledon - Eastleigh

Eastleigh Works: 15Jun - 16Jun - 19Jun - 23Jun - 24Jun - 29Jun - 30Jun - 50021 on 30th

A further test train at Romsey, 30th July 2015

67008 + 67023 1X23 13:39 Salisbury - Southampton Up Goods Loop - Salisbury

 67008 arrives from Southampton with the test train, which had previously run to Exeter from Old Oak Common and Paddington.
977997 (RSC3) is a Radio Survey Coach. Originally built as Mk IIf TSO W6126 as part of Lot 30860 at Derby in 1974. Transferred to the Southern Region in 1983 and converted to TSOLH S72613 for Gatwick Express unit 8307. Converted to its current role in September 2009.
72631 is a Plain Line Pattern Recognition coach. Originally Mk IIf TSO W6096 in the same lot as W6126, entering traffic in February 1974, converted to TSOLH as 72631 in 1984. Converted to its current role in August 2012.
99666 is nominally a Structure Gauging coach, but it understood to be a 'runner' with no content inside, Originally Mk IIe FO W3250 built to Lot 30843 at Derby completed in December 1972. Converted to exhibition van 99666 from May 1996, then became a brake force runner for test trains from April 2008.
72630 is a Structure Gauging Train Coach, also to Lot 30860 from Derby, entering traffic as W6094 from February 1974, converted to TSOLH as 72630 in 1984. Joined the test trains fleet in Ultrasonic Test Train use from July 2002, then converted to current role from late 2013.
67023 was under power and running in multiple with the leading locomotive.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

3Q06 returns to Eastleigh, Romsey, 25th July 2015

37219 3Q06 21:52 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Exeter - Romsey - Eastleigh.
Passed Romsey 48 minutes early at 06:34, following rapid turnaround at Exeter.

DBSO 9714 recently fitted with additional measurement equipment. Originally built as BSO 9536 as a Mk 2f BSO at BR Derby to Lot 30861, entering traffic in June 1974. Converted to DBSO at Glasgow Works in June 1985. Entered test train usage from February 2007, now equipped with generator and blue star multiple working.
999602 is an Ultrasonic Test Coach, originally EMU coach 62483 completed at BR York to Lot 30862 in December the last DMS coach for a 4-REP, in unit 3015, and the last Mk 1 coach built. This ran only until November 1986, latterly as unit 2015. Conversion to 999602 UTU2 with Sperry equipment took place in 1988. Notice the SR Mk 6 bogies. Now seen to be UTU3 following a further rebuild about 2013.
BSO 9523, also from BR Derby Lot 30861, entering traffic in June 1974. Since January 2013 operating for Network Rail as a Staff Coach /Brake Force Runner.
The new force in test train operation is Colas Rail, here represented by 37219. New as D6919 from EE Vulcan Foundry in January 1964. Stored by EWS from Janaury 2001, it was at Eastleigh until preserved in 2005, initially at Chasewater. In November 2010 it was at Dereham, Mid Norfolk Railway.
Colas acquired the locomotive in early 2014, and it was operating Sandite services in the autumn.

DRS 47 status

2015 is likely to bring significant change to the DRS 47 fleet, with the influx of Class 68, and Norwich backup services being transferred to Class 37/4, potentially including 37401 and 37422. Here is a look at the current state of play.

1st July: "And Then There Were Three" . I am rather surprised to see 47818 soldiering on, as I understood that it was never the strongest of the class.

13th July: 47828 reinstated from storage at Eastleigh, then on to Kingmoor, but it is understood that 47805 is 'on transfer' following  a coolant leak.

Number Name Pool 2014 Status Pool now New cooler group Most recent picture
47501 Craftsman XHNB stored Sep2014 wheelflats, understood for transfer to LNWR, transfer status 24Dec14 (at Derby) - moved under own power to Crewe 18Feb15 after attention to wheels. To Rail Services Ltd at Crewe Diesel shed late March 2015. XHSS 22nd August 2014
47790 Galloway Princess XHNB in traffic, Northern Belle, at DRS Crewe, Dec2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15 - failed with engine problems in Norwich area June 2015, stored at Gresty Bridge ~01Jul15. To Eastleigh 13Jul15. XHSS 13th July 2015 (image by Ian Knight)
47802 Pride of Cumbria XHAC stored 24Jan14, at Carnforth - for WCRC. Test run ready 15Jul15, run took place 24Jul15 AWCA x 11th November 2012
47805 John Scott 12.5.45-22.5.12 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, transfer status, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15,  stored Crewe by 09Jan15, reinstated 13Mar15. Failed York July 9th coolant leak & now "in transfer" status. XHAC x 2nd June 2012
47810 Peter Bath MBE 1927-2006 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam (but getting a B exam?) - traction earth fault - repaired by Feb15; stored around 13Apr15 XHSS 22nd August 2014
47813 Solent XHNB in traffic XHNB 17th June 2011 (image by Ian Knight)
47818   XHAC in traffic, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for B exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15 XHAC 19th July 2014
47828   XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec14, but transfer status 24Dec14, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15 (coolant leak) - towed to Eastleigh 02Mar15. Reinstated and moved from Eastleigh 13Jul15, arriving Kingmoor 17Jul15, then to Crewe 23Jul15 XHAC 1st December 2012
47832 Solway Princess XHNB failed 14Jun14, sold to and repaired in traffic with  WCRC AWCA 2nd June 2013
47841   XHAC stored 31Oct14, transfer status 24Dec14 - to Eastleigh 13Jul15 XHSS 19th July 2014
47853 RAIL EXPRESS XHAC in traffic, expected due soon for C exam - stored Crewe 18Feb XHSS 1st December 2012

Two rails at Dunbridge, 22nd July 2015

This rail on the track heading towards Salisbury is from BSC (British Steel Co.) Workington in 1977. British Standard BS11 113A is a standard for 113lb/yard flat bottomed rail, now CEN56E1. The rail rolling plant at BSC Workington closed in August 2006, when the mission was transferred to Scunthorpe. Latterly the steel blooms were supplied to Workington from BSC Lackenby, Teesside.

More on Workington:

The rail on the track towards Romsey is rather older, from 1961, and appears to be from Dorman Long & Co Ltd of Cleveland to BS11 110A. This standard was superseded by BS113A as 
:explained here

20th - 25th July 2015

60002 at Eastleigh on Monday 20th.

73141 1Q40 at Totton 21st July.Image by Ian Knight.
73136 on the return to Eastleigh from Totton Yard. Image by Ian Knight.
59103 Village of Mells passes Romsey with 7V07 12;41 Chichester - Merehead, 22nd July.
70804 at Dunbridge with 0O31 17:34 Westbury - Eastleigh, 22nd July, which ran via Chandler's Ford.

Sunday 19th July: 60002 + 70810 6C27 08:45 Oxford - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven eight
Monday 20th July: 37601 3xxx 23:18 Hither Green - Eastleigh
Tuesday 21st July: 60002 0F75 11:03 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Westbury; 73136 + 73141 1Q40 09:50 Hither Green - Totton Yard - Eastleigh one; 37601 at Eastleigh with a test train one two, 3xxx 22:31 Eastleigh - Hither Green
Wednesday 22nd July: 73136 + 73141 1Q41 06:23 Eastleigh - St Denys - Portsmouth & Southsea - Redbridge - Laverstock - Andover - Ludgershall - Andover - Laverstock - Redbridge - Eastleigh one two three four five; 34067 + 37706 1Z67 08:44 Victoria - Weymouth one two three four five six seven eight, 1Z69 16:35 Weymouth - Waterloo one two three four ; 37219 3Q08 22:52 Hither Green - Basingstoke - Reading - Basingstoke - Wimbledon - Eastleigh
Thursday 23rd July: 73136 + 73141 1Q43 06:18 Eastleigh - Weymouth - Eastleigh one two three; 37219 3Q15 21:45 Eastleigh - Brighton (not Eastbourne) -Eastleigh one two three four five
Friday 24th July: 73136 + 73141 1Q44 04:56 Eastleigh - Romsey - Eastleigh - Fareham - Eastleigh - Southampton Up Yard - Hither Green one two; 37219 3Q06 21:52 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Exeter - Romsey - Eastleigh
Saturday 25th July: 73107 + 73201 T+T 5Z89 05:10 Eastleigh - Victoria, 5Z91 20:30 Victoria - Eastleigh; 37219 3Z06 14:51 Eastleigh - Derby one two three four five