Sunday, 25 January 2015

19th - 24th January 2015

66558 approaches Southampton with 4M61 13:01 Maritime - Hams Hall, Saturday 24th January.
66527 Don Raider on 0O26 11:52 Hinksey - Maritime move. This earlier had an Enron badge above the name, now removed.
70014 getting close to its destination with 4O54 05:27 Leeds - Maritime
66570 heading 4O29 08:14 Crewe - Maritime 
66766, from the most recent delivery, unloaded at Newport on 7th December and into traffic about 10th January, arriving at Eastleigh from Hoo on January 19th. It performed some Railvac duties in the past week. Seen along with 66755 at Eastleigh. 

Monday 19th January: 57306 6Z68 12:38 Eastleigh - Willesden one two three four, 70803 + 70804 + 70809 + 56087 6Z70 12:26 Eastleigh - Hinksey one two three four
Tuesday 20th January:
Wednesday 21st January:
Thursday 22nd January:
Friday 23rd January: 31285 3Z07 09:17 Hither Green - Eastleigh one two; 3Q31 21:56 Eastleigh - Hither Green; 60059 0O17 10:17 Scunthorpe - Eastleigh, 6E15 21;06 Eastleigh - Scunthorpe
Saturday 24th January:

DRS owned coaches 5700 and 3366 at Eastleigh Works

Eastleigh Works: 12Jan

DRS 47 status

2015 is likely to bring significant change to the DRS 47 fleet, with the influx of Class 68, and Norwich backup services being transferred to Class 37/4, potentially including 37401 and 37422. Here is a look at the current state of play.

Number Name Pool 2014 Status Pool now New cooler group Most recent picture
47501 Craftsman XHNB stored Sep2014 wheelflats, understood for transfer to LNWR, transfer status 24Dec14 (at Derby) XHSS 22nd August 2014
47790 Galloway Princess XHNB in traffic, Northern Belle, at DRS Crewe, Dec2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15 XHNB 1st May 2014 (image by Ian Knight)
47802 Pride of Cumbria XHAC stored 24Jan14, at Carnforth - for WCRC AWCA x 11th November 2012
47805 John Scott 12.5.45-22.5.12 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, transfer status, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15,  stored Crewe by 09Jan15 XHSS x 2nd June 2012
47810 Peter Bath MBE 1927-2006 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam (but getting a B exam?) - traction earth fault XHAC 22nd August 2014
47813 Solent XHNB in traffic XHNB 17th June 2011 (image by Ian Knight)
47818 XHAC in traffic, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for B exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15 XHAC 19th July 2014
47828 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec14, but transfer status 24Dec14, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15 (coolant leak) XHSS 1st December 2012
47832 Solway Princess XHNB failed 14Jun14, sold to and repaired in traffic with  WCRC AWCA 2nd June 2013
47841 XHAC stored 31Oct14, transfer status 24Dec14 - to Barrow Hill or Eastleigh? XHSS 19th July 2014
47853 RAIL EXPRESS XHAC in traffic, expected due soon for C exam XHAC 1st December 2012
Updated 10Jan15: 47805 into storage XHSS.
Updated 19Jan15: 47828 into storage XHSS
Updated 21Jan15: 47790, 47810, 47818 all to Crewe and due exams. Only 47813 and 47853 left in traffic.
Updated 23Jan15: 47790 and 47818 returned to traffic at Norwich after exams.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hong Kong investor buys up a third of UK's trains

Hong Kong investor buys up a third of UK's trains

Almost a third of all Britain’s trains have been bought by billionaire Hong Kong investor Li Ka-shing after rolling stock group Eversholt Rail was sold to CK Investments (CKI).


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Look At Life - Turn Of The Wheel 1964

This too good to miss - quality colour from 1964.

  • New D1557 at 2:42
  • Local scenes from 7:19. D6541 (later 33023) departing from a a yard (Brighton area?) with exhibits being delivered for Beaulieu - Pullman car 'Agatha' is one. Then by road via the Marchwood Bypass, where the bridge is recognisable. I am afraid that I don't recognise the street (below) where 928 Stowe is being hauled, nor the roundabout scenes. I do rather like the Ford Consul Capri in the foreground - Five Star Motoring!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

"Mendip Mariner"and "the Hinksey", Saturday 17th January 2015

Video for the two Class 66 workings seen today, starting with the 'Mendip Mariner' tour.

12th - 17th January 2015

73138 leads into St Denys on Tuesday 13th, the loco suffering a hot box later in the day. Image by Ian Knight.
73119 Borough of Eastlegh on the rear.
66129 with 1Z70 passing Romsey on Saturday morning.
66956 (again!) with  6O26 10:50 Hinksey - Eastleigh, made up as auto-ballasters and sleepers on wagons.
HQAJ Autoballaster 380334, with generator.
YSA Salmon now YKA Osprey DB996312 - built by G R Turner Ltd 1954 Lot No. 2615

Monday 12th January: 73119 + 73138 1Q40 09:40 Hither Green - Totton - Eastleigh one two; 57011 + 57310 + 57301 6Z70 00:54 Crewe - Eastleigh; 57312 6Z68 12:38 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent one two; 67005 + 67026 T+T 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh (then to Didcot on 6X38 with 66161) one two
Tuesday 13th January: 73119 + 73138 1Q41 07:28 Eastleigh - Portsmouth & Southsea - Southampton - Romsey - Laverstock - Andover - Ludgershall (not run) - Andover - Laverstock - Romsey - Southampton - Eastleigh (stopped at Southampton Airport Parkway with loco hot box on 73138 proceed slowly to Eastleigh Works) one two three four five
Wednesday 14th January: 56087 0Q02 08:28 Eastleigh - Oxford North Jct, 0Q02 14:42 Oxford North Jct - Eastleigh
Thursday 15th January: 73119 + 73201 1Q44 04:23 Eastleigh - Southampton - Eastleigh - Romsey - Eastleigh - Fareham - Eastleigh - Southampton UGL- Hither Green one two
Friday 16th January: 57301 + 57310 0Zxx Eastleigh - Western Docks
Saturday 17th January: 57301 + 57310 8Z66 01;17 Western Docks - Eastleigh Arlington (DRS Mk2 coaches for overhaul, following road delivery from Barrow Hill); 66129 1Z70 07:16 Eastleigh - Avonmouth, 1Z71 11:05 Avonmouth - Eastleigh

Eastleigh Works: 06Jan - 07Jan - 08Jan - 09Jan - 10Jan

47739 still present at the works

The DRS Mk 2 coaches are thought to be M3366 (Mk2F blue grey), 5700 (Mk2D old First Great Western), and 9488 (Mk2D old First Great Western).

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Colas at Eastleigh, 11th January 2014

47739 Robin of Templecombe at Eastleigh Works running shed. New in August 1964 as D1615 from BR Crewe to 85A Worcester, later 47035 and 47594. The locomotive was in the EMR Scrapyard from July to October 2007, then overhauled at Eastleigh for Colas.
56087 was new from BREL Doncaster in December 1980, withdrawn in 2004 and sent to France, returning in 2007, eventually being stored at Crewe DMD from where it was sold to Colas.
Further detail of 47739,